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Nigeria: Visa Horrors - U.S. Embassy Tries to Give Tips

4 months ago |
By Steve Popoola
Nigeria: Visa Horrors - U.S. Embassy Tries to Give Tips

This is the case with many Nigerians who try to visit the United States. A painstaking process is followed by access denied! Honestly, there is nothing more disappointing. First you cry - then think of all the money and time wasted - then you cry again. Oh wait, maybe that's just me.

A visa denial brings frustration, and confusion over what to do next. So many questions come to mind - is it that the United States government that doesn't want us in their country or maybe applicants are doing it wrong...

Already, we know that Donald Trump doesn't want immigrants and has even implemented tough laws. Recall that Trump once found himself in the eye of the storm last year when he reportedly called African nations "shithole countries", and questioned why their nationals should be allowed to the U.S. The New York Times once reported that Trump slammed Nigerians during a June 2017 cabinet meeting that they don't "go back to their huts" once they enter America.

Maybe, this might answer why a lot of people get their visas denied.In an attempt to clear things up, the U.S. Embassy has said that it doesn't enjoy denying Nigerians visas, contrary to popular opinion. It explained that there are some questions often misunderstood by applicants which earn them a rejection.

These revelation comes after many people have been complaining that they have applied more than once and get rejected. The government, at one point, last year even questioned the increased number of visa denials by the embassy after records showed that at least U.S.$158,000 was collected from visa applications, but hundreds of Nigerians were denied visas. Isn't this a steal?

To get to the bottom of this the U.S. embassy hosted a Q & A to answer so many questions on requirements they need to meet in order to succeed and why they might be turned down.In the live chat, the embassy officials tried to explain that applying for a visa doesn't have to be painful, but you just need to know what you are doing. The embassy shared knowledge of what to expect and avoid when applying. Here are some of the tips they shared.

* Sometimes, simple mistakes can get your visa application denied. Being smart and avoiding these mistakes will spare you time, money and visa denials.

* How do you plan on financing your trip to the U.S.? While there is no set amount of funds you are required to show, you want to prove that you can cover all costs associated with your trip. This may require you to estimate the cost of return travel tickets, lodging, boarding, domestic travel, and medical expenses.

* Have you been to the U.S. before? - be ready to explain the purpose of any previous trips. You may also be asked where you went, what you did, and where you stayed.

Fill out your personal data as correct as it is - thus adding all your names, date of birth, place of birth with the right spelling and if you are married you have to put the right status.

* Check if you put in the correct passport number.

* Bring additional documents that you think could help - employment letter, land titles, proof of business, bank statement, and other documents that could prove that you can return.

* It's important to put how much time you want to stay in America.

* You must be able to establish your purpose and intent of traveling abroad.

* Be watchful about what you say in the visa interview for it could be held against you.